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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Episode...
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Episodes: 5D's

Wednesday, 23. April 2008

Episodes: 5D's

Riding Duel! Acceleration!
Episode 1 Airing Date: 04/02/2008

Domino City several years after the times in which Yugi Mutou dwelled has been turned into Neo Domino City, a hierarchical society parted in the differences between the rich and the poor. Yusei Fudo, who lives in the Satellite Area, has been gazing at the Tops Area where his rival and current Riding Duel Champion, Jack Atlas lives. He swears to go there and accomplish his goal. Yusei's friend, Rally, has gotten a part for the D-Wheel, an evolved system of the Duel Disk, and makes his way to Yusei. Taking it, Yusei is then surrounded by the Public Order Bureau Security. Sticking up for his friend Rally, Yusei challenges Security to a duel. A Riding Duel with Yusei against Ushio, a member of Security, has gotten underway.
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Released

Power-Insect Deck! Trap of the Ant Lion
Episode 2 Airing Date: 04/09/2008

Uryu and his gang have come from the city to pick a fight with Nerve, Taka and Blitz while they work at the Satellite Plant. Nerve and crew are provoked into a fight by having their home turf of Satellite being ridiculed. Meanwhile, Yusei runs maintenance on his D-Wheel to get something back from Jack. Uryu comes up to Nerve and crew who have come to Yusei's. They've coerced Yusei into having a duel with his D-Wheel on the line. Yusei and Uryu's duel begins. Uryu summons the 2400 attack power Chainsaw Insect right off the jump and Yusei summons Shield Warrior in defense mode.
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Released

Escape! Nitro Warrior VS Goyou Guardian
Episode 3 Airing Date: 04/16/2008

Yusei heads off the the heart of Neo Domino City where Jack is located. Rally has handed him his own most valuable card One-Shot Booster and cheers him on. Speeding towards the only pipeline connecting Neo Domino City and Satellite, Ushio of Security appears before Yusei once more. Ushio imposes a duel as he uses his Special Pursuit Deck. Ushio summons Gate Blocker, who cannot be affected by Speed World's effects, against Yusei, who needs to break through the pipeline in time. Yusei counters by summoning Speed Warrior in order to break through the barriers.
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Released

Fated Showdown! Stardust Dragon Blocks the Way
Episode 4 Airing Date: 04/23/2008

Jack stands before Yusei, who has made it through the pipeline. Each in their own spirits, they hold a Riding Duel with Yusei's ace card, Stardust Dragon, at stake. Yusei and Jack confront one another in a spectatorless Duel Stadium. Amidst the silence, two D-Wheels set out. Yusei summons Bolt Hedgehog in defense mode while Jack summons Mad Demon and launches an attack. Yusei summons Junk Synchron and conducts a Synchro Summon to Synchro Summon out Junk Warrior.
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Released

Ace Dragons Clash! Stardust VS Red Demon's
Episode 5 Airing Date: 04/30/2008

Jack has summoned his own Ace monster, Red Demon's Dragon, and has summoned Yusei's ace monster, Stardust Dragon as well. Yusei is piled up against the ropes and summons the indestructible-through-battle Road Runner to search for an opening for his counterattack, and then, Jack, who overpowers Yusei not only in dueling but in words as well, attacks with both of his dragons. Yusei, even further in the trenches, has activated the Trap card, Mirror of Harmonia.
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Released

Take a Look! This Here Hidden Treasure Deck of Mine!
Episode 6 Airing Date: 05/07/2008

Yusei has been arrested and gets a marker placed on his cheek by Public Security. He is then shipped off to a detention center. In the paddy wagon, he meets an old man known as Yanagi. Meanwhile, Jack learns that Godwin and the others were watching his match last night and of how unbelievable Jack considers the conclusion of that match. Awaiting Yusei and the others, who have arrived at the detention center, was the Former Pro Duelist, Himuro. Yusei is suddenly challenged, but can't fight since he has no deck, and Yanagi and Himuro duel. Yanagi shows off his Hidden Treasure Deck with great pride and begins the duel. Yanagi, going first, summons Crystal Skull, but...
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Released

Feelings for the Cards! Crystal Skull VS Great Bull Ogre
Episode 7 Airing Date: 5/14/2008

Yusei challenges Himuro, who spoke ill of Yanagi's cards and stomped on them, to a duel with Yanagi's Hidden Treasure Deck. Yusei and Himuro duel. Himuro summons the 2000 attack power Jirai Gumo. Then, Yusei summons Crystal Skull and also activates the Quick-Play Magic, Curse-Returner Hitogata Doll, and inflicts damage on Himuro. Having taken damage, Himuro understands that Yusei is pretty well versed with dueling and assaults him vigorously. Himuro releases Bull Ogre to summon Great Bull Ogre and inflicts a great amount of damage on Yusei.
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Released

Unfulfilled Soul: The Signers and the Legendary Dragon
Episode 8 Airing Date: 5/21/2008

Yusei has his body examined by the Public Security Maintenance Bureau. They are trying to attain confirmation of the Dragon's Birthmark. Godwin, Director of the Public Security Maintenance Bureau, appears before Yusei. Meanwhile, Jack having learned about the legend of the crimson dragon, forces himself to obey Godwin and conducts a Riding Duel as King. The challenger facing the King is the man who was beaten by Jack before, Mukuro Enjo. Against Mukuro, burning to overthrow the King, Jack...
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Not Released

Feelings Hanging for the Cards: A Planned Lightning Deathmatch
Episode 9 Airing Date: 5/28/2008

Takasu, Chief of the Detention Center, is told by Godwin to investigate Yusei and then goes beating up on Yanagi and Himuro, now Yusei's friend. Yusei is then transfered to a different room. In that room is a character by the name of Aoyama, and he has been planning to escape from the center. Aoyama invites Yusei, but Yusei says he wants to escape with Himuro and Yanagi. Takasu appears before Yusei and the others and harasses his friends, getting a stir out of Yusei. Yusei duels with his freedom on the line, but Takasu has seized all of their decks. In the end, Yusei...
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Not Released

Deck Zero: Break the Chain Trap Loop
Episode 10 Airing Date: 6/04/2008

Yusei fights against Takasu with the cards given to him by each of his friends in the detention center. Takasu uses some dirty tricks by conducting a duel where an electrical current flows every time you take damage, but has made it so the electrical current doesn't flow to him and that only Yusei takes the brunt of the current whenever he takes damage. In addition, Takasu schemes to destroy Yusei's deck with his Poison Chain.
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Not Released

The Special Pursuit Deck Returns: Regain the Bonds with Friends
Episode 11 Airing Date: 6/11/2008

Yusei walks to the Cafe District while bunch of people trail and keep observation on him. Yusei enters a bar with a signboard that says Bootleg. With the Great Bull Djinn card in hand, Yusei remembers what Himuro told him about going to go meet a man by the name of Saiga in the shop. When Yusei inappropriately orders the master for milk, the master instantly grows upset. However, he gasps in shock when Yusei shows the Great Bull Djinn card to him. The trailers also enter the establishment and keep watch on Yusei. The master, on to this fact, cleverly sends Yusei out of the shop outside. The people on his trail follow Yusei out the store as well, but Yusei is hauled up by the D-Wheel lying in wait for him, leaving his trailers behind and rushing out of there.
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Not Released

Dead Chase! Weave the Bonds, Turbo Warrior
Episode 12 Airing Date: 6/18/2008

Yusei's recovered his D-Wheel and his deck, but Ushio once again blocks his way and sets up a Riding Duel. Saiga is the one to save Yusei once he gets cornered. He gets out of trouble through Saiga's guidance, but Ushio's pursuit gets even more intense. Ushio activates the Speed Spell Equipment Magic, Rabid Shot Wing to increase his offensive force and lays a direct attack on Yusei. Yusei goes on the counteroffensive, but Ushio collides his D-Wheel and makes him unable to move, much to his satisfaction.
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Not Released

Dial, On! Roar, Deformer Deck
Episode 13 Airing Date: 6/25/2008

Through his duel with Ushio, Yusei ends up coming into the Tops Residence Area. There, Yusei meets twin siblings, Rua and Ruka. Meanwhile, not even Ushio is able to enter the Tops Area without permission and needs proper authorization. Ushio, upon hearing this from the defense staff, is in a fit of rage in the outside perimeter of Tops. Ushio reluctantly waits for Yusei to come out of Tops. Around then, Rua, learning Yusei is a duelist, and presses Yusei to duel him. Yusei first ignores Rua's challenge, but...
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Not Released

Folklore Appears: Bringer of Destruction, Black Rose Witch
Episode 14 Airing Date: 7/2/2008

Yusei is given an invitation to the Duel of Fortune Cup directly from the Public Security Maintenance Bureau. In the meantime, he sets up shop in Saiga's apartment. Around that time, in Tops, that Rua realizes that Yusei left the twin's place and throws a big fit. Rua looks on the tabel to find that their Duel Disks, modified so they would fit them, have been left there. The two think about Yusei. Then, they get a call from Rua's good friend, Tenpei. Today is the day Rua and Tenpei promised themselves that they would go to the Daimon Area to beat the "Black Rose Witch."
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Not Released

The Duel of Fortune Cup Commences: Great Aerial Assault! Giant Bomber Air Raid
Episode 15 Airing Date: 7/9/2008

The large crowd who have filled out the Stadium that's swelling with expectations for the commencement of the Fortune Cup. Backstage are Rua, who is trying to enter the tournament impersonating Ruka, Yusei, and the others. Himuro has a bad feeling that the Fortune Cup is a setup. In the Stadium, Red Demon's Dragon appears and, in suite, Jack also appears. Next, called out by the MC's voice, the duelists make their entry on stage. Which, in addition to Yusei, include "Shira," "Gill Lancebow," and "Bomber"...However, the spectators make a ruckus upon noticing Yusei's marker. Bomber is the one who settles things down, and then, the first round bout pitting Rua and Bomber finally gets underway!
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Not Released

The Return of the Witch: The Dragon of Destruction, Black Rose Dragon
Episode 16 Airing Date: 7/16/2008

A terrifying plot has been unfolding behind the scenes of the Fortune Cup, per Godwin's orders. That being to search out "Signers" among the people competing in the duels. Meanwhile, the dueling progresses along. The first match has ended with Rua being defeated, despite his best efforts. Yusei and the others cheer up the depressed Rua while Aki Izayoi comes in and shoots a defiant look Yusei's way. It is around then that Gill de Lancebow has met with Godwin and Jaeger in the waiting room. Jaeger incites Gill to go and reveal Aki's true identity. Furthermore, Godwin informs Gill that Aki's true identity is that of the "Black Rose Witch." The second match, the duel between Gill and Aki is underway!
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Not Released

Flame Revenger: Speed King - Skull Flame
Episode 17 Airing Date: 7/23/2008

In the Duel of Fortune Cup, Yusei faces against a mysterious man by the name of Shira. But, his true identity is Mukuro Enjo, in a fervor to defeat the King. Mukuro duels with his Speed Accel Deck, he built to use against the King.
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Not Released

The Ancient Forest: Invitation to the Spirits' World
Episode 18 Airing Date: 07/30/2008

A silhouetted man confronts Jaeger. Jaeger requests the silhouetted man to duel once again, to which the man accepts. In the Duel Stadium, Himuro, Yanagi and the others head toward Yusei after his victory against Mukuro. It's then that an announcement is made all over the arena. It's declared that, due to Godwin's special permission, a consolation match will be held. And, it is Ruca's name that is announced for it. Rua immediately impersonates as Ruca and sprints to the Stadium, but it's already discovered that he's a fake. It's even evident to his last opponent, Bomber. Chants asking for the real Ruka heighten from the crowd all over the arena. So, Ruka reluctantly enters the Stadium.
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Not Released

The Spirits' World Contaminated: Evil Intent, Id the Super Demonic Lord
Episode 19 Airing Date: 08/06/2008

Ruka engages in her duel with Frank. In the midst of it, Ruka, Kuribbon and company come upon the Spirits' World's "Ancient Forest," as guided by a mysterious voice. Then, the mysterious voice whispers to Ruka. And, when she is called out to with "You'd protect the world of the Duel Monsters spirits!" Rua cannot take the situation anymore. A silhouette creeps behind her. The silhouette soon materializes and turns into Id the Super Demonic Lord. Sunlight Unicorn stands up to Id, but it has the tables turned on it. Despite this, Ruka starts swelling with courage. Yusei, who has been watching the state of the duel through the monitor, begins to wonder. Meanwhile, Ruka resurrects her Sunlight Unicorn, but...
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Not Released

Uncompromisable Feelings: My Mission is With My Hometown
Episode 20 Airing Date: 08/13/2008

In her consolation game with Frank, Ruka brought the end of their furious duel to a draw. Rua gripes about the outcome of the match. Ruka doesn't pay him any mind, but is hesitant when Frank utters the word "Signer." And so, the first day of the Fortune Cup Tournament has ended. Everyone in attendance, beginning to leave the tournament grounds, cast their eyes to an image of Bomber, showing up on the giant monitor. He is Yusei's opponent tomorrow. Everyone rediscovers him as a formidable opponent. Hearing Himuro say, "I'm looking forward to see what kind of D-Wheel Bomber has," something in Rua's head sparks. Rua separates from everyone and runs off.
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Not Released

Vengeful Bomber: Trap of Sorrow, Chariot Pile
Episode 21 Airing Date: 8/20/2008

Bomber summons Giant Bomber Air Raid and uses its Monster Effect to run Yusei down. Yusei, in response, predicts Bomber's strategy and looks for his chance to counterstrike.
STATUS: Script - Released/Episode - Not Released



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