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Episodes: DM-GX

Thursday, 27. July 2006

Episode Information: Duel Monsters GX

Yugi's Successor
Episode 1 Air Date: 10/06/2004
Judai Yuki, while en route to his entrance exam for the Duel Academia High School, happens to stumble into the Legendary Duelist, Yugi Mutou, and is given a card from him. Judai shows up late and begs if he can still take the test, while Professor Chronos says that it'd be a waste to test him based on his written exam's scores. So, the duel between Chronos and Judai starts. The power of Chronos' "Antique Gear Golem" causes Judai to take on damage. Then, backed into a corner, Judai senses a voice. It's the card he got from Yugi, "Winged Kuriboh"...
STATUS: Script - Released (Translation Notes)

Flame Wingman
Episode 2 Air Date: 10/13/2004
Daily life at the Academia begins as Judai and Sho are assigned to the Osiris Red dorms. That being the rickety old dorm where they group all the underachievers. Judai causes trouble with an elite student, Manjoume of Obelisk Blue, and late at night, has a duel with both of their best cards on the line. It's Judai dueling against Manjoume. The ever-diligent Manjoume snatches control of the Fusion Monster "Flame Wingman" and Judai is in a pinch as he takes on attacks from his own key monster.
STATUS: Script - Released (Translation Notes)

Etoile Cyber

Episode 3 Air Date: 10/20/2004
Chronos uses a fake love letter from Asuka to snare Judai into a trap. However, the one it worked on was Sho. In order to save the framed Sho at the girls dorm, the duel between Judai and the Queen, Asuka begins. The flamboyantly powerful monsters from Asuka's Cyber Athelete Deck "Etoile Cyber", "Blade Skater", and "Cyber Blader" make their appearance and drive Judai into a corner. But Judai invokes his new Elemental Hero "Thunder Giant"....
STATUS: Script - Released (Translation Notes)

The Quintuple Combination! VWXYZ

Episode 4 Air Date: 10/27/2004
The monthly tests are being conducted. On top of sleeping in, while on his way, Judai helps an old lady deliever a shipment, but is late as a result of it. The written exam finishes and the students obtain new cards from the school store, but Judai misses his chance to get any. The old lady that he helped from earlier also works at the school store and gives him the "Evolutionary Wings" card. The Practical Skills Examination Duel is Judai against Manjoume. Judai's no match for Manjoume's powerful five-card VWXYZ combo. That is, until he finally catches glimpse of the card he got from the old lady.
STATUS: Script - Released (Translation Notes)

Demon Deck of Darkness

Episode 5 Airing Date: 11/03/2004
Judai and his friends go to a ghost dorm where they say students have disappeared one after another and try to hunt down clues about Asuka's brother. A strange-looking man named Titan appears before Judai and the group and commences a duel. He's a "self-proclaimed Dark Duelist" employed by Chronos. It's a duel between Judai and Titan. Titan's deck is a threat in the darkness resembling that of the Game of Darkness. Every time Judai's Life Points decrease, a part of his body disappears. Is this really a Game of Darkness...!?
STATUS: Script - Released (Translation Notes)

Winged Kuriboh's Miracle

Episode 6 Airing Date: 10/11/2004
[Continued] Part 2 of Judai and Titan's duel. As Titan's dice continue to roll right, Judai gets locked in a corner with his body fading away further. Judai finally loses consciousness, but is awoken by the sounds of Winged Kuriboh's voice. He sees through Titan's tricks and it appears the fake Game of Darkness has ended, but...A real Game of Darkness activates and he must duel against Titan, who's been possessed by the darkness...In addition, there is another who hears Winged Kuriboh's voice.
STATUS: Script - Released (Translation Notes)

Sho's Vehicroid Deck

Episode 7 Airing Date 11/17/2004
With him sneaking into the ghost dorm exposed, if Judai doesn't fight against opponents prepared by Chronos in a tag duel together with Sho and win it, he'll be expelled. Judai encourages Sho, but Sho has no confidence in himself. A duel to train Sho begins. Sho has a Vehicroid deck. Judai noticed that when Sho drew a certain card, his expression took a drastic change. It's a super-powerful card called "Power Bond," but ever since a bitter experience in the past, Sho hasn't been able to use it.
STATUS: Script - href="">Released

The Mightiest! Cyber End Dragon

Episode 8 Airing Date: 11/24/2004
To understand the wounds in Sho's heart, Judai challenges Ryo, an ace duelist who holds the alias Kaiser ("emperor") and who is also Sho's brother. Judai and Ryo duel. Ryo's deck, based around Cyber Dragon, and fusing and powering them up left and right, gets through to Judai's Elemental Hero deck. Both approve of one another. As Sho looks at Judai giving Kaiser Ryo a run for his money, depressed, something is dispelled...
STATUS: Script - Released (Translation Notes)

One-Hit Knockdown! Flipping the Table

Episode 9 Airing Date: 12/01/2004
Kumazo, Hayato's father, barges into the academy in attempt to bring his reclusive boy back home. The duel is Hayato against Kumazo. The one-hit kill deck of the internationally renowned duelist, Kumazo, is none other than a Drunken deck. Everyone is dumbfounded. Hayato fights back with his Koala-type monsters. Kumazo's Drunken monsters are tough, contrary to their appearances. And then, the one-hit kill Permanent Magic, Flipping the Table, makes its impact...
STATUS: Script - Released (Translation Notes)

Judai & Sho! The Tag Duel (Part One)
Episode 10 Airing Date: 12/08/2004

Judai & Sho's duel against the Meikyu Brothers with their residual at the academy at stake begins. The Meikyu Brothers are a legendary powerhouse tag-team employed by Chronos. The Meikyu Brothers summon the Wicked Thunder Lord, Wicked Wind Lord, and Wicked Water Lord in a number of turns, fuse them together and summon Gate Guardian. Judai is enjoying the duel against the Meikyu Brothers, but Sho, his feelings of motivation and anxiety mixing together, backfires in his attacks.
STATUS: Script - Released (Translation Notes)

Judai & Sho! The Tag Duel (Part Two)
Episode 11 Airing Date: 12/15/2004
[Continued] Part 2 of the Judai & Sho VS the Meikyu Brothers duel. Judai and Sho give the 3750 attack power Gate Guardian their very all. Judai encourages Sho by saying "You can do this" and regains his confidence little by little. They destroy the Gate Guardian by using the Magic card, Shield Crash. But, the Meikyu Brothers, with their hung-ho resolve to pay half of their own Life Points, summon forth the stronger 3800 attack power Dark Guardian. Do the combination of Judai & Sho, who are in a bigger pinch than before, have any chance at winning...?
STATUS: Script - Released (Translation Notes)

Oxygen + Hydrogen = Water Dragon

Episode 12 Airing Date: 12/22/2004
Misawa of Ra Yellow is an honor student, marked number one among new students academically, athletically, and dueling-wise. Judai takes a liking to the cheerful and carefree Misawa. Meanwhile, because of Manjoume's loss to Judai, his position amongst the Blues winds slowly into trouble. He duels against Misawa, Yellow's Number 1 new student, with their residual at the academy at stake. The duel is Misawa against Manjoume. Manjoume takes him on with a Fire Attribute deck. Misawa, fighting back, summons the Water Attribute powerhouse, Water Dragon, by chemical reaction, using miniature oxygen and hydrogen dragons as the bases...
STATUS: Script - Released (Translation Notes)

---Current Episodes---


Neos VS Advanced Gem Beasts

Episode 151 Air Date: 9/05/2007
Judai has reached where Johan is at where, after winning his battle with Amon, he is recovering himself. He deploys his duel disk, believing in the "power of dueling" to rescue Johan from Yubel, who is possessing Johan. Judai and Johan (Yubel) duel. Johan summons the "Advanced Gem Beast Cobalt Eagle." On the other side, Judai draws the Fusion card. He activates Fusion with determination and summons "Flame Wingman" to attack, but Johan negates the attack with the effects of "Advanced Dark."
STATUS: Episode - Released

Activate Super Fusion! Rainbow Neos

Episode 152 Air Date: 9/12/2007
Judai VS Johan continues. Johan has summoned the "Ultimate Gem Beast God Rainbow Dark Dragon" and destroyed Neos. Judai is put in a tough predicament, but manages to tide over his pinch and fight back. Right in the middle of their fight, Judai is informed by the Gem Beasts that Johan's soul is within Rainbow Dark Dragon and that by returning Rainbow Dragon to normal, he can save Johan. Then, he summons Aqua Dolphin, Air Hummingbird, Neos, and, by use of the ultimate triple Contact Fusion, summons out "Storm Neos."
STATUS: Episode - Released

「選ばれしカード対決!エレメンタル・ヒーロー VS ユベル」
Confrontation of the Chosen Cards! Elemental Heroes VS Yubel
Episode 153 Air Date: 9/19/2007
Judai has summoned "Rainbow Neos", which fused Rainbow Dragon and Neos together by way of the Super Fusion card, in order to rescue Johan. He's able to rescue Johan safely, but the Super Fusion card becomes Yubel's. Then, in order to settle the scores once and for all, Judai duels Yubel, and he is entrusted with Johan's Gem Beast cards. Meanwhile, Sho, to be the sole eye-witness to this battle, has followed after Judai and headed to where Yubel is at. His duel against Yubel begins at last, and Yubel summons "Sacrifice Lotus."
STATUS: Episode - Released

Supreme King Judai Resurrected
Episode 154 Airing Date: 09/26/2007
Judai VS Yubel continued. Yubel summons itself onto the field. All of Judai's attacks on Yubel have been turning into damage towards the opposing player and have been giving him a hard time. Judai, his mind ready, resurrects the dead spirit of "Supreme King Judai" within him and confronts Yubel. Judai then attacks Yubel with the help of his Neo Spacians, but Yubel has counters with the effects of its Trap cards, "Zero Hole" and "Hate Buster." Then...
STATUS: Script - Released

「レインボー・ネオス VSユベル究極態」
Rainbow Neos VS Yubel Ultimate Form
Episode 155 Airing Date: 10/03/2007
Judai utilizes Gem Beast cards he was entrusted by Johan to summon "Rainbow Neos", equipping it with "Rainbow Veil" and launching an attack on Yubel. In turn, Yubel transforms into her second form, activates "Demon Rose", and fends off the damage. Then, she activates a spell card, Cyclone, to Rainbow Veil and launches an attack on Judai. Judai, whose remaining Life Points are low, gets through it all, somehow, with the effect of the "Necro Guardner" in his Cemetery. Yubel then has evolved into her Ultimate Form, "Yubel, Das Extremer Traurig Drache", while its seesaw offense and defense continues.
STATUS: Script - Released

Judai Revived!? A Brand New Journey
Episode 156 Airing Date: 10/10/2007
Manjyome, Asuka, Kenzan, Sho, Fubuki, Chronos, O'Brien, Jim, and Johan have returned to the Duel Academia. Of which, Judai has not been seen. The Red dorm's dining hall, after a week, has been adorned with three pictures; Judai, Misawa, and Ryo, both of which didn't return either. Manjyome looks at Judai's picture and remembers the first time he dueled Judai. Though, Sho believes that Judai will come back, as opposed to Manjyome, is overcome with deep emotion.
STATUS: Script - Released

A Looming Threat! The Mysterious Visitor

Judai has returned to the Duel Academia and a month has passed. Johan, O'Brien, Amon, and Jim have all returned to their own schools. Sho, Manjyome, and Rei have moved to the Blue dorms. And life at the academy has started anew, but Judai has stayed secluded in the Red dorms, not taking a step out. In the midst of things, something suddenly goes wrong with the Duel System. Cards that don't respond to Solid Vision start popping up. Manjyome, Asuka, and Yusuke Fujiwara have examined the computer rooms in order to get to the bottom of all this. Meanwhile, Judai has received a cell phone from an unknown sender and is told about some certain information.
STATUS: Script - Released



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